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Our Story


Hi there! I'm Alexis, founder of Because Cookie Dough.  I started Because Cookie Dough when I found myself unsatisfied with the "guilt-free" desserts on the market.  
While I was studying to become a Registered Dietitian, I found myself spending a lot of free time baking healthier versions of my favorite desserts. Unfortunately, it was time consuming and expensive to hunt for dozens of different ingredients to bake with. I wanted that fresh out of the oven cookie taste but it also needed to be made with high-quality, nutritious ingredients. While I found plenty of gluten-free or vegan options, everything available was made with high amounts of refined sugar, filler ingredients, and left me feeling guilty after eating a even a small amount. 


I was inspired to create Because Cookie Dough because I wanted to enjoy my favorite nostalgic treats not just as an indulgence, but as an everyday snack.  And who wouldn’t want that?We started with ready-to-bake cookie dough tubs and now make single-serve cookie dough and brownie batter cups that are made with a whole grain, gluten-free flour blend and sweetened only with organic coconut sugar and maple syrup. They are made with better-for-you ingredients that will keep you feeling fuller for longer so you can indulge without the regret! You can eat them raw or microwave them for a warm, gooey treat. Enjoy them at home or on-the-go for a guilt-free treat anytime!