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Peppermint Chocolate Mousse Cups

Serves: 8 servings

Time: 30 minutes with overnight prep


1/2 container Because Cookie Dough Peppermint Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (thawed)

1/2 can coconut cream (it is best if you can keep it in the fridge for 24-48 hours prior)

3/4 cups dark chocolate chips (I use Enjoy Life or Equal Exchange)

Optional: coconut for topping


Preheat your oven to 375 F. Spray your mini muffin pan (I like Sprouts brand coconut oil spray or Chosen Foods because it is literally just coconut oil). I also use a silicone mini muffin mold as this really makes it easy to pop them out.

Fill the mini muffin cups about halfway with cookie dough then use your fingers to shape the dough to fit the cups. There should be space to fill the cups with mousse.

Bake for 10-12 minutes until firm.

While the cups are baking, melt the chocolate then mix in the melted chocolate with the coconut cream. Scoop the solid cream off the top and avoid adding in the water which can be reserved for a smoothie. If the coconut cream has been pre-chilled and the texture remains firm after adding the melted chocolate, use an electric mixer to whip the mouse. If the coconut cream is too runny to whip, cool it in the freezer until it stiffens.

Remove the cookie cups from the oven. The cookies will have risen so use a spoon to press the dough down so there is more space in the cup. Let them cool then carefully remove them from the pan.

Fill a ziploc bag with the mousse and cut a small hole in one corner. Use this to pipe in the mousse. Top with coconut if you wish.

Store leftovers in the fridge for about a week or the freezer for longer.